We want promising young people from around the world to work with us.


Kyoto-Based Seeker of Best Welfare

Hiragino Fukushikai Group

Hiragino Fukushikai Group has been engaged in elderly care business for over 30 years in Kyoto City. Our goal is to develop an environment and social structure where everyone can live their life as who they are.

Our Philosophy

We take care of elderly people so that they can spend as many happy days as possible that make them really feel, "I'm so glad I could live this long!"

What Do Care Workers Do?

Care workers grasp care receivers' requests and physical condition, and support their day-to-day living. For example, care workers serve meals, provide assistance with eating, oral care, toileting and bathing, hold recreational activities, and prepare snacks.

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Training Programs

We hold study sessions and use textbooks we have developed for technical intern trainees from abroad. You can learn steadily depending on your Japanese proficiency.

Task-Specific Training

Twice a month, we provide task-specific training to give hands-on learning (e.g., about how to wash your hands) and lectures about ethics. You will receive introductory training for technical intern trainees from abroad before being assigned to work.

Simulation Training for the National Trade Skill Test

Some of our staff members are qualified to evaluate trainees' level of learning from care work skill training. They will support you in passing the National Trade Skill Test by giving simulation training that focuses on your preparation for the test.

Japanese Language Study Sessions

We hold Japanese language study sessions as needed, where you can learn everyday words and care work terms and how to pronounce them.

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Support System

Our reliable support system will provide you with comfortable life in Japan. We promote heart-to-heart, warm companionship among coworkers.

Life Guidance Advisor

Your life guidance advisor will give you advice about your life in Japan and assist you with daily life activities, e.g. how to use public transportation.

Sightseeing in Kyoto

Our staff may sometimes take you to dinner or sightseeing in Kyoto after work or on your day off.

Networking Events

We regularly host networking events for technical intern trainees from abroad to help you make friends with other trainees in Japan.

Kyoto is Full of Attractions

Kyoto is a historic city that maintains traditional Japanese culture.
Why don't you come to live in this quaint former capital?

Kamigamo Shrine

Hiragino Fukushikai Group was established in the district very close to Kamigamo Shrine, a World Cultural Heritage site.

Three Largest Festivals in Kyoto

Three largest festivals in Kyoto (Aoi Matsuri, Gion Matsuri, and Jidai Matsuri) symbolize the city's long history and traditions.

Japanese Cuisine

Japanese cuisine, which features seasonal blessings of nature, has gained worldwide attention for being good for health.

Kamo River

Strolling along the Kamo River is a perfect start of the day. Feel a gentle breeze on your cheek and admire the beautiful natural landscape.

Small Decorative Goods of Japanese-Style Design

In Kyoto, you can find lovely, small decorative goods of Japanese-style design great for gifts and yourself. Beautiful traditional patterns and colors are healing to the eye.

Kinkakuji Temple

Kyoto City is dotted with temples and shrines. When walking around the city, you can come in touch with Japanese history and traditional culture, and experience the charms of the country at first hand.

Secure Housing

Equipped with a Security System

Rest assured that our company condominium has a security system.


Your housing gets plenty of sunshine and is spacious enough for a single person to live in.

Conveniently Furnished

Equipment includes a chest to keep clothes in, a refrigerator, and a rice cooker.